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Innobello DreamCurl PRO Cordless Hair Curler

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 Instant dreamy curls
✨ Suitable for all hair types
 No expertise needed, safe to use
 Style your hair in no time

What's new?

The Innobello DreamCurl PRO's new barrel offers an effortless way to curl your hair in minutes. The updated open flowing designed barrel allows you to have natural and long-lasting curls like a pro. You can have the dreamiest curls of all time with Innobello DreamCurl PRO

Instant, long-lasting, dreamy curls anywhere 

Innobello DreamCurl PRO Cordless Hair Curler offers fast and cordless experience and uses latest intelligent induction motor for superior performance and well defined curls, which will never pull or tangle your hair. With its advanced technology and built-in rechargeable battery, you can automatically create your dream curls in 8 seconds wherever you are. Get instant dreamy curls anytime, anywhere. 


Suitable for all hair types

No matter how your hair is - thin, thick, short or long, you can have the dreamy curls wherever you go. You can use our advanced time and heat settings, to achieve any curl you need.  

Advanced time and heat control

Innobello DreamCurl PRO Cordless Hair Curler heats up pretty fast so that you do not have to wait around for your dream curls. The tourmaline ceramic coated barrel quickly will give you a smooth, massive shine and bouncy curls. 

We have 6 temperature gears between 150-200℃, 6 styling auto curling time settings between 8-18 seconds to meet different hair styling needs. You can also choose the curling direction (left and right) to perform a perfect loose or tight curls easily whilst saving a lot of time. 

Efficient and Super Safe

Innobello DreamCurl PRO Cordless Hair Curler has the best sleek and cordless design that will maximize your time and effort while using. It heats up pretty fast and equipped with a double-layer ceramic glaze coating inside the curler.

Unlike the curling irons that stuck and even burn your hair, Innobello DreamCurl PRO Cordless Hair Curler has the smart sensor chip, which will automatically suspend the curler when the hair is placed too much or incorrectly. It has also energy saving auto-off mechanism after 10 minutes of inactivity.


No Expertise Needed  

Innobello DreamCurl PRO Cordless Hair Curler is very easy to use and needs no expertise for getting the dreamy curls. The LED display presents all the good details on temperature, curling direction and timer clearly. It is cordless and has a built-in rechargeable battery that you can easily charge with a USB from your phone, computer or power bank. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Kris Kerr

This is brilliant!! It decreased my curling time in half! My hair does not get damaged compared to curling with my straightener, and I didn't have to do too much for it to look good, just pop your hair in and it's done! Definitely recommend the DreamCurl!

Lillian Lutz

Great product, if you don't buy this you are missing out!

Jordanna Jacobs

This is the best invention of the century. Really glad that I bought.

Kaitlin Irving

I also had the other version, but I bought this one as well. Now I keep one in my car, and the other one in my bag, just to be prepared. You never know when that rain hits you.

Ellie-Louise Butler

I didn't know it will only take 10 minutes to do my hair with the DreamCurl, I usually spent hours in front of the mirror, just trying to keep my curls in tact.