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Innobello DreamCare Mini Scalp Applicator Comb

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Tired of dull hair and root problems? We've got you covered. 

Distinguished by our smart design, Innobello DreamCare Mini Scalp Applicator Comb is a revolution for any hair that is looking dull and weak. It allows you to reach the hair roots for dispensing the hair treatment for smooth, glide through, sleek hair experience whilst providing a gentle massage effect.

What is the magic behind it?

  • While the traditional hair treatment liquids apply mostly on the surface, DreamCare helps you reach to the hair roots spreading the liquids evenly.
  • Flexible moving teeth to massage the hair roots while dispensing the liquid and accelerating the the absorption to the maximum.
  • Fits right into the palm of your hands providing the best experience for treating your hair.
  • No matter wet or dry, thin or thick, curly or straight, you will get the full benefits of this comb.

Best hair treatment experience of your life

Based on revolutionary technology, Innobello DreamCare Mini Scalp Applicator Comb features a unique kinematic structure with flexible moving teeth that glide through your hair and smooth it out. Indulge in wonderful effective massaging that actually conditions and strengthens your hair, leaving it healthy, shiny and full of life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Alize Connelly

Very good scalp applicator, easy to use and good quality. Easy and even dripping application also easy to clean as well. Just rinse after using and let it dry. Perfect for applying hair growth liquid products to scalp, it saved a lot of time for me.

Kaylin Hamill

It's a really good and effective product, thank you very much.

Jamil Boehm

Very interesting stuff, not yet tried because I am waiting for my hair treatment oils to come, but I like it. It is comfortable to hold.

Loma Frami

Thank you it arrived in tact and I will be using it tonight before I go to sleep.

Domenic Rolfson

Excellent. True to description. Effective and compact product.